Entertaining Presentations

Due to lack of mental stimulation at work, I get bored. I love being busy and multitasking…because I am good at it and it keeps me out of trouble. In this case, you can tell that I am obviously bored and underutilized. I work in a creative capacity and surf the web regularly for various types of media to include in training materials. And, ever so often, I have to present on a topic what I think I should be doing for the company. Whatever the case may be, I’m amused by my Google searches for images.

Here’s an example… I typed “drive” into my Google search. I’m looking for an image that would be perfect to slap on a slide to illustrate my colleague’s motivation to complete a training course. What does Google give me? A bunch of images from the movie “Drive” and most of them have nothing to do with a person driving a car, as you might expect. I also get images of Google Drive, Ryan Gosling, cars and poster’s for the movie “Drive”.


I rummaged through the images and amused myself for at least 5 mins or so. Some are meant to be funny, and others could be funny if used in the right context… I mean, no one likes to sit in meetings and listen to someone drill on-and-on about some generic topic. Wouldn’t a presentation be more engaging if it included images that were completely irrelevant? I would love to sit through a presentation with images that imply that the PPT author has poor judgement, misses their filter, doesn’t give a shit,  or has a twisted sense of humor. All the above, anyone?!?!

Now it’s your turn! I put together my favorite irrelevant “drive” images into a PPT mock-up slide for you to view. Use the Poll feature at the bottom of the page and select your Top 3 favorite irrelevant images. The winning image will be included in my PPT with the management team at my next opportunity. Take a look and share your thoughts! (For a better view, click on the image)


Capture 2


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