I’m Full of Shit

Most people make resolutions at New Years, but I’m not sure that’s ideal. Think about it…a new year for you is the anniversary of your birth, your birthday. So why don’t more people create resolutions on their birthday?

I have been 31 for 1 week and I have decided to do a body cleanse to start the year off fresh. In addition to cleaning my body, I’m cleaning my mind. So, this week I started expelling shit… literally and emotionally.

I have always been physically active but to counter balance I trash my body with copious amounts of alcohol. As far as my mind goes, I never take the time to reflect on my behavior because I’m wound too tight with anxiety and the compulsion to always be doing something…

This damn cleanse was poorly executed. Leading up to the pill-popping event and liquid diet (that’s all you do for 5 days- take handfuls of vitamins and drink water or organic juice with sawdust), I gorged myself on tasty beers and 3 different types of cake. Apparently after depriving yourself of solid food, coffee and booze you begin to focus on your inner well-being and reboot your systems. I knew this 5-day detox was going to be a challenge. So I sat down with Cletus and discussed a few goals that I hope to accomplish this week.  That way I can determine if  this hippy-dippy diet was worth my efforts.


  1. Don’t cheat… no booze or coffee! Or cheese.
  2. Finish a good book
  3. Appreciate the small things
  4. Remove ungrounded and unrealistic expectations
  5. Understand the needs and feelings of others. Change the way I nurture.
  6. Lose a few lbs.
  7. Learn to control my actions since I try to control everything else. Why can’t I control myself? (Pre)
  8. Recall on previous behaviors that shame me. Why did I do that and not consider this? (Post)
  9. Take personal time and reflect. I need to be PATIENT.
  10. Feel more secure with who I am.

It’s day 2 of this horrific diet. I can honestly say I have been working on my goals and constantly peeing.


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