Flaming Walkers

Is it just me? I have noticed a decline in silly exercise walkers… they have become extinct. You know the people I’m talking about. They are the ones who are eagerly dressed in high-tech athletic-wear like they are about to race a triathlon but , they are found marching up and down the street flapping their arms for take off… And, they never looked that fit…

Truth is, I miss passing this spectacle during my daily commutes. It was mildly entertaining. Do they still exist? Or did someone finally inform them that they look ridiculous and they should perform these acts in privacy? Maybe this is just another casualty of the Cross Fit trend? Instead of flapping their arms while walking, maybe these people have converted to walking on their hands?

This is a very troubling decline inmqdefault American fitness trends and the evolution of quirky health desperation. At least Joanna is keeping it real, like a prancing horse.


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