July in a Nutshell

It dawned on me the other day that I should do a monthly wrap up of my posts. That way I can take time to reflect on my experiences, you can keep up with my charades,  and I can build  rapport. So here is goes…

Cletus: Cletus is sitting in the front seat of an emotional roller coaster and feels that Mr. McScreamy is sitting in her head and violently yelling.

SillyGoose: I’ve turned the magical age of 31 and discovered that I am so under-radar at my office that they didn’t acknowledge my birthday.After hours of  flash-mob paranoia and planning my escape, I discovered it was all unnecessary. Red stapler anyone??

I did a health cleanse and pretty much popped pills, ate raw veggies and fruit, and drank tons of water for 5 days. I managed to meet some of my goals which was good, but overall I don’t think the cleanse was for me. I believe I met my goals because I’m a goal-oriented person not because of a silly diet. After the cleanse, I  started running and gathered 5k, 10k and marathon training programs  to map and track my athletic endeavors. In one week I  dropped 4 mins off of my “long-run” . So that’s pretty cool. I’m using exercise as a hobby to stay out of DireMole’s hairs, to get physically healthy, and as mental therapy sessions.

My parents drive me nuts. After my visit home it took me 2 weeks to recover. They appreciated my visit and I love them, but they’re crazy. On a more positive note,I’m pleased to announce that they upgraded their cell phones to smart phones. What’s so awesome about that??? They switched providers and have less minutes to burn talking to me!!

I guess my 31st year is off to a decent start.

DireMole: DireMole is not a thug. Unless you work with me… then he is. BIG TIME. But seriously, DireMole is in the mist of his dissertation and keeping busy with data. As one of my closest friends told me, “It’s a lonely time.”

20140730-082558-30358608.jpgPirateGoat: This month you have been introduced to my pirate-dog, Jalapeno Rubes. Offline, we watched Captain Phillips and PirateGoat claimed the movie did not portray Somalian pirates accurately. Go figure.

LevelUp: I shared with you one of my favorite go-to’s for getting rid of tasty or almost-tasty leftovers. PIE!! Always keep pie-crust on hand.


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