Stolen Bar Pints

I brought a touch of class to work with me today. As I was rummaging through my very large, hobo-styled purse to get settled in to work, I realized that I had forgotten to remove the stolen pint glass that I lifted from one of our favorite watering holes… It was shameful. A stinky, dried beer smell was lingering in my purse and I had absolutely no clue until I sat down at my desk. Hope my co-workers didn’t see my amazement and disappointment as I glared down at my purse.

Good thing I didn’t get pulled over on my way to work…would have have been a violation of an open container???

Don’t judge me for taking a pint glass from a bar…  I didn’t do it to be mean-spirited. I just wanted a glass with a goose on it from a company that makes decent beer… and I was pretty drunk when I did it. I didn’t even remember doing it until I found the artifact buried in my purse from two-days later!

Class-act. Nothing says professionalism like bringing a used and stolen beer glass to work. Happy Tuesday!



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