Sweaty Pig Adventures

What does it mean when random strangers cheer me on while I run past them? “Keep going fat ass… Get rid of those flapping muffin tops! ” OR are they just really good, encouraging people? Who’s to say that calling me a ‘fat-ass’ and pointing out my muffin tops isn’t supportive?FatRunner It’s like, “Oh, hey, yea, you noticed them too? Yea, you’re right…I should keep haulin’ ass.”

Do people cheer on skinny people during their daily workout?

Cletus told me to shut up, but then admitted that she “secretly cheers on fat women painfully running on her commute to work”.  So there’s that… Thanks Cletus.

I’m rotten. I guess I think the negative of people before the positive. Or, I’m just horribly insecure.

111871-oI’ve been sticking to my running plan and looking forward to my athletic excursions. I consider this a major-breakthrough and achievment. However, every time I go for a run outdoors within the past week, I’m encouraged by a passerby. The first time I got two thumbs up and a big grin. The second time a guy was yelling “KEEP GOING!

The last time a stranger interrupted my running-karma was yesterday. He asked me if I could take his picture with the city’s skyline in the background. Actually, it was a good site for a photo… but I wouldn’t be the type of person you would want to flag down and touch your fancy photo equipment. I mean it was 97 degrees, full-on humidity and I was sweating from places that I didn’t know could drip sweat. He apologized for making me stop but proceeded to pose (sometimes awkwardly) for multiple captions. I hope he had a towel to clean his camera from my grubby fingers.

It’s been a good week of getting fit and receiving positive encouragement from strangers.


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