August Audit

So this month has been kinda fun. Here’s a recap of all the exciting things that happened…

Cletus: She needs a damn vacation. A kidnapping is on the menu this fall because she won’t take a break unless I force her. Also, she has taken in a new stray that is called “Sadie”. That makes it 4 dogs at her casa. I think she needs to quit her job and open up a doggie daycare.

DireMole: He’s working hard on his data, research, and dissertation. I’m really happy to hear all the progress he is making. This weekend we are going fancy-pants shopping to buy him a suit for job interviews. Below is my recommendation for him.

DireMole's potential suit to apply for nutty professor jobs.

DireMole’s potential suit to apply for nutty professor jobs.

LevelUp: I have made a serious amount of oatmeal this month. You would think I was cooking for an army of gnomes. (I have a feeling gnomes eat mostly oatmeal)  Also, I practiced making candles and I hope to have a post about that within the next few weeks. Finally, this weekend DireMole and I are going to try a new IPA recipe. I have dreamed about it for weeks.  Literally.  I have woken up with dreams of making different types of beers and that DireMole owned a brewery next to a stadium.

PirateGoat: She has had a shitty month. But when she wasn’t pooping around the house, she made it to the dog park almost every day. That made her happy because she has new friends to join her pirate crew. Also, she is looking to produce a new TV series for dogs called “Shoes Clues”. It’s a detective-mystery show about what will happen when your humans put on shoes…

SillyGoose: I have stuck to my running plan and started a half-marathon training program. Feeling pretty good about it and posted some of my longest and best running times so far! I have found that running outside in downtown has been full of great story’s. I still get cheers, thumbs up, high-five’s and everything in between. I ran through a Grand Opening ceremony and photo bombed the heck out of it. Also, I crashed a road race. I considered running to the finish line to get a metal or a T-shirt, but I think I will wait and do that another time…it’s now on my bucket-list!

Overall it was a pretty decent month. Next month could be a shit-show… we will see! Lot’s of birthdays in September and a fall-vacation is in the works for October.



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