1% of My Life

Do you know what 1% of your life looks like? Seems like a pretty ridiculous thought, and when I try to characterize what that looks like in my life, I immediately think of  some favorite moments…swimming a championship race, traveling to India, hiking to the top of a mountain and admiring the scenery, embracing a loved one, acting like an immature idiot in college… one thought leads to another, but they all tend to be positive.

How can you qualify 1% of your life, when you haven’t finished  living?

Well, the point of this post is that DireMole told me this weekend that he wasn’t ready to commit to our relationship because I have only been in his life for 1% of his existence. Based in that short period, he isn’t able to consider us together for a lifetime.

I’ve struggled with his comment because I don’t feel the same way. With the pending departure that he may get a job in another state by next year, then what is to become of us? of him? of me? of PirateGoat? He wants me to come with him. But I can’t drop my life, my job, my friends to move to ________ with someone who really can’t commit to our relationship. That pretty much sums it up. Seems one-sided, don’t you think?

1% isn’t much. If that’s all I’m considered, I would like to think that in that sliver of 1%  it includes a few favorite moments of our lifetimes.


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