One Percent At A Time

I need to admit that I misunderstood DireMole. When he said 1% of his lifetime, he ACTUALLY meant we have only completed 1% of our lifetime together… so, whats the rush when you know you will be with this person forever? Ehhh. Epic Fail. I get it now…

Dire shared with me that he understands that I would be making a lot of sacrifices to follow him to _________. It was reassuring to hear him say that. This year will be stressful for both of us, in different ways. I’m trying to keep my mind busy with what’s at hand and in the moment. Running is one of those things that helps me to keep my mind calm and preoccupied. Whether it’s my mind or running, I need to remember to keep moving one foot in front of the other and it will get easier.

With that being said, we figured out our miscommunication and are back on track. DireMole completes me and I’m looking forward to building 1% to 100% together. We got each other and we will get through this, 1% at a time.


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