OCD Vacation Paradox

How do you plan a vacation or weekend get-a-way? For me, I create a spreadsheet and put a good amount of effort into researching the destination just so I can finally relax and enjoy the experiences that I have already anticipated in my research. PortlandOldPortIt’s a control freaks idea of planning to chill. I’m anxious for our next mini-vacation because Dire and I are going to visit Portland, Maine.

So far I have put together a Google Spreadsheet with 5 columns: Date (best day to go during our visit), Destination (the attraction itself), Time Needed to Experience (Can we knock this out in an hour, half-day or full day?), Means of Travel (Do we need a car to get there?), and Notes (links to why this is a valued place of interest). The spreadsheet is scattered with links and other ideas, like pubs and restaurants. Of course, its shared with Dire so he can track my progress and add his two-cents. Even though this sounds super anal, I don’t have any intentions to stick to it perfectly. It’s more of a floating checklist that  helps me feel like we accomplished all that the place has to offer. Portland_Head_Light_Cape_Elizabeth_Maine

The best part of this spreadsheet, are my tabs! We have one sheet dedicated to our bucket list and the other tabs are places that we have been, like India, or are planning for the future, like Portland.

I’m looking forward to seeing  fall foliage, drinking tasty craft brews, visiting Cape Elizabeth, hiking and touring around town, and generally enjoying Portland. They say that the best part of a vacation is the anticipation of your trip’s itinerary, not actually experiencing it. I would like to think that my spreadsheet is a result of my excitement for travel with DireMole.



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