We Had The Right Away

Yesterday, I went for a short run to continue with my militant running plan. As I was running down the sidewalk, I saw two cyclists heading towards me who were also on the sidewalk. We were synchronized to cross the intersection at the same time. Obviously seeing each other in the near distance, we religiously picked our side of the sidewalk to pass. The walking sign was in our favor and we proceeded accordingly. As we approached the intersection it became clear that a small white car was not interested in slowing down into a turn to let the pedestrians cross the street. For whatever reason I decided to continue on my path. The bikers continued on as well. It was a social agreement that we saw in each others eyes… this turd of a car will have to stop or it’s taking us all out.

article-2284045-1843ECDC000005DC-712_634x781As car approached us, I saw that the driver was a girl, sporting big shades, and using one hand to hold her phone next to her head. Obviously distracted, she continued to speed up to try to beat the three of us to the intersection. And then something happened. A natural reaction kicked in and with an Olympic-like stride, I lifted my hand in an winner’s fashion and gave her the best middle finger salute one could offer. I’m not sure, but I may have included a verbal Fuck You to go with it. Which seemed appropriate for the situation. I continued with my stride and made it to the other side of the road while the one cyclist gave me a big grin that followed with a “You right, girl.” The other cyclist told me “You made my day.” The rush-hour traffic at the intersection saw my diffidence against the stupid twit driver and I think I made their day as well. I was satisfied. As I continued running I thought, “You can take the girl out of the North, but you can’t take the North out of the girl.”


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