Thursday Ridiculousness

On this Thursday morning, I felt like sharing one of my favorite images with you. Behold… the Cat Spaceship. Makes me laugh every time. It’s purely ridiculous and awesome.giant_floating_cat

What else is ridiculous? Sharknado. I decided to see what all the hype is about and entertained my curiosity last night. Conclusion made,  Tara Reid is worthless.

Also on my list of ridiculousness for today, is  Starboard Value’s recommendation to Olive Garden reminding them why they need to salt water for pasta. “If you Google ‘how to cook pasta’, the first step of Pasta 101 is to salt the water.” Hilarious. A pasta place not knowing how to cook pasta and an investment firm telling them what’s what. However, there is skepticism that this report is not merely snarky.


And, my last thought on ridiculousness is 2Chainz, aka Tity Boi. I’m not really sure where to begin on this subject… his fashion sense, entertainingly-dumb lyrics, or just his persona of being “different”. Anyway you look at it, it’s ridiculous. True.


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