Saty. Yes, that’s how it’s spelled.

IMG_3326Cletus has a new member to add to Jalapeno’s Pirate Army, Saty. Saty was delivered to Cletus and her husband’s home  because they already have too many dogs and everyone in their neighborhood just assumes all dogs belong to them. Cletus immediately began to look for Saty’s original home and family. Flyers went up, social media posts broadcasted her picture, and she had a trip with the vet for a microchip inspection. No one claimed her and all attempts have failed so far. It’s become obvious that this house-trained and sweet dog was purposely missing.

imagesWeeks have gone by and now Saty has a name that she doesn’t respond to. She was named “Saty” because Cletus thinks that she looks like a Satyr (demonic goat) from World of Warcraft. (Who plays WOW anymore???) I think she looks like Yoda. Which I’m not sure is much better on your “Geek Scale”.

I’m pretty sure that Saty is an atheist and originally from Florida. Aligar_the_TormentorI think she escaped Orange County, FL to share the Satanic Temple’s religious materials with children in other states. Cletus’ house is just a stop-over on her mission to share “The Satanic Children’s BIG BOOK of Activities“. I could be wrong, but between the Satyr and Yoda similarities, this could be the “happy medium”.

Anyway you look at it, Cletus now has 4 dogs and a ton of atheist coloring books.


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