September Survey

running-dogWell, it’s time for the monthly round-up. September flew by and I’m really looking forward to October’s fall weather. Here’s a brief survey of what happened in our September.

Cletus: She embarked on a new chapter in life this month, Cletus is 30! To go with her new grays, Cletus dyed her hair in streaks of Violet Red or Red Violet… something like that… It looks magenta-ish and in the light it glares pink under her dirty-blond locks. I’m impressed with her bold move to symbolically “come out” to her coworkers that she’s really a super weirdo. In addition, Cletus has a Yoda-looking dog, Saty, that is seeking a forever home.

DireMole: Have you ever felt  lucky to have time to be with someone? And, wished that you would have met earlier so you could have MORE time with them??? Because that’s exactly how I feel about Dire. He’s awesome and we have a lot of fun together. We just get one another. Fitz is chugging along with his research and  has applied to many positions. Soon he’ll be a jet-setter, flying all over the country for interviews. It’s only a matter of time!

LevelUp: We brewed beer this month! A dry-hopped IPA has been bottled in our kitchen and now we are awaiting the tasty results. PirateGoat has gotten her share of dog treats from the spent grain, and so have her Pirate friends.

PirateGoat: Jalapeno Rubes had a fairly uneventful month outside of receiving two new outfits. She got a  NFL jersey to wear on game day for her favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Also, when she’s feeling festive we dress her up in her Pretty Pirate Princess (PPP) tutu. It’s a black, sparkly dress with  a skull and cross-bones logo in the middle. The tutu makes her look moronic and makes us look evil for dressing her up in such a ridiculous outfit.

SillyGoose: This month I had the pleasure to flick off a motorist who insisted on talking  on her phone while driving so she could roll over 3 pedestrians with her car. Luckily, we gave her the right away so we could remain intact. Also, I’m very pleased with my running endurance. I’ve been able to run a few long runs over an hour-long, for 6+miles. That’s the best I’ve done in years.

Right now, I’m looking forward to our trip to Portland in October and taking a break from my idiotic co-workers for a few days. Maybe I will be militant and force them to look at all my pictures and give me compliments after I get back. HEE HEE (evil laugh).



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