I Gave My Car A Name

My 2009 Buick is now fondly known as Shitron. As, in “Shit” and “Citron”. (Citron is a type of lemon, if you were wondering…) Today Shitron went to the shop as mandated  by the safety recall that is supposed to repair a possible jarring event that may move the key away from the ‘run’ position and causes engine power, power steering and power breaking failure. Lovely.
In addition, over the past few weeks, each tail light has fizzled out within a week of each other. Odd because I had one tail light replaced last year under warranty… I’m pretty sure they are supposed to last longer than 10 months… Am I wrong? While waiting around for the recall service update, I asked Buick service department to take a look at the radio since that’s been SOL for the past 6 months. I am unable to listen to a CD, tell the time, or what radio station I am listening to on my commute. Finally, my power lock and fob haven’t been working. If it wasn’t for the key, I wouldn’t be able to get into the car and let passengers in.
So after years of not having a name for my car, I decided it deserved one on this special day.

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