Brew Tour

DireMole and I just got back  from our long-weekend trip to Maine. 10492190_10101756839676331_7290277499303858535_nAnd no vacation is complete without a visit to a brewery to sip on the local culture. In case you didn’t know, Maine is ranked 5th in the nation for the amount of craft breweries per capita. In addition, Portland usually ends in the top 10 list for foodie destinations. So there is much to consume, sip on, and enjoy.

We had a great time exploring all the tasty brews. Our favorite tastings came from Foundation Brewing Company, Maine Beer Company, and Oxbow. And we really enjoyed visiting Lost Bear pub to try beers that we weren’t planning to visit the brewers while munching on their bar food. 1781984_10101756803064701_491882464572533889_nWe stumbled upon Rising Tide Brewery while they were having a special pour of their Wet Hop Harvest Ale. They made two batches of their Wet ale. One with hops from Maine, and the other with hops from Oregon. We did a “horizontal” and taste tested both. Our favorite was definitely the Oregon-hoped ale.

When we weren’t sampling beer we managed to take a few day trips to explore the sites. Generally, the people seemed very friendly and talkative. I kinda feel like I could move here if it wasn’t for the crappy winter… Side note,  I was happy to see that we were in Subaru-country… since that is the brand that I hope to buy in the near future. It was like car shopping on every street. So, anyway, we went north and visited Booth Bay for breakfast and then visited the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. It was fantastic! 1505652_10101756777705521_4788633823846240285_nThe Botanical Garden included a therapeutic garden, a fairy forest, sculptures, a zen garden, and plants native to coastal Maine.1904056_10101756810345111_6780881993281835229_nAnother day-trip excursion was to head south to Cape Elizabeth and South Portland. We stopped at a local diner and  proceeded to gorge  on blueberry stuffed french toast. It was filling and awesome. To make up for our over indulgence, we hiked around the lighthouses scattered along Cape Elizabeth. 1891108_10101756827001731_7868058768575751864_nIt was a beautiful day and the views were picturesque. It was so nice to take a break from our normal day-to-day routine to visit this port city. Sometimes I just imagine or pretend I’m a local  at the places we visit. 1010121_10101756764746491_8443530131785152403_nLast weekend wasn’t an exception. The purpose of the trip was to get a taste of fall in New England, catch up with family, and share another travel experience together. And I would say we accomplished that. It was great! And our suitcases were weighed down with tasty imports from Maine.



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