Jumping into Walls

Yesterday’s trip to the dog park was notable. PirateGoat pulled all sorts of epic fails and it seemed suitable to mention in the blog.

We started our stroll to the dog park and approached a stone wall that appears to have been a foundation for a building. At its highest point it’s about 4ft. tall and then merges into the sidewalk. PirateGoat usually jumps the wall around the 2ft. mark and proceeds to walk on the grass until it merges into the sidewalk. But yesterday she was feeling adventurous and decided to jump  at the 4ft. mark and completely missed. She clotheslined herself and it was awesome. DireMole attempted to save her from her epic fail, but she still ate it. PirateGoat brushed it off and pretended like she didn’t throw herself into the wall. So we kept walking to the park…

If PirateGoat was Human

As we approached the park, PirateGoat spit up her dinner. She brushed that off too and kept marching to the dog park. After running with some of her 4-legged friends, attempting to play fetch,  and pooping twice…we decided it was time to head home.

PirateGoat uses her hound nose to smell edible (preferably chicken bones) before her humans can spot them. She knows that if her humans can pull it out of her mouth they will. To prevent that from happening, she tries to inhale all edible items before her humans ram their hands in her mouth. But not yesterday… On our way home PirateGoat smelled a chicken bone and began wolfing it down. However, the bone got lodged in the roof of her mouth and she began to panic. She was biting at thin air hoping to dislodge it and swallow it before the humans could grab it out of her mouth. Cars stopped to watch the spectacle. I’m holding her down, Pirate is showing fangs and biting, and Dire is putting his hands in her mouth as she’s chomping. Dire pries the bone from the roof of her mouth and chucks it across the street. Pirate seemed troubled that she lost the bone in an uncomfortable situation, and manages to walk home without any other notable events.

Just another day walking the dog…


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