Ode to October

This October was great and it went by super fast. Here’s a recap of what happened off and online…

Cletus– Got a long overdue job promotion! Her job still sucks and she still needs to find a new one, but at least the extra money will make it a bit more palatable. In addition, she’s still struggling to find a forever-home for Saty.

DireMole– It’s been a busy month of drinking tasty beers, farting on Jala’s head, interviewing for nutty professor jobs,  and doing nonstop research. We had a great time visiting Portland and catching up with his sister. Last week we visited my favorite local brewery since they recently started offering tours and tastings to the public. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed ourselves. His back is starting to feel better and it seems like I might have a workout buddy in the near-future.

PirateGoat10653372_10101717274909441_2027932600405375385_nJala makes sure that when she walks to the park to make it an adventure. The other day she proceeded to bark the entire way to the park. Not at anyone or anything. Just marching forward with all her might while barking her head off. It’s rather embarrassing for Dire and I. We think she’s trying to let all the other dogs know that she’s on the way to the park and they need to get their humans together to meet her.

SillyGoose– Even though this month went by super fast, the past few days have dragged. Why, you may ask? Well, because my office goes cray for Halloween. An Evite invitation went out for lunch, teams select themes for costume attire and cubical decorations, a photo booth will be set up for people who have lots of time on their hands, and the entire day goes to shit in a hand basket. At least I may get some candy to munch on.



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