Notable November

Well, I’m a bit late posting my wrap-up for November. It took me a little over 2 days to be a productive after my “staycation” Thanksgiving holiday. It was a decent month and here’s how it went.

1. Cletus– She found a home for Sadie. Thankfully that pup is no longer named “Satye” and her new owner is so happy for a new companion. Also, we solved all the world’s problems through automagic. Thank us later.

2. DireMole– This month we discovered that if we were in an emergency at home that we could jump off our balcony and survive without injury. We might expose ourselves to our neighbors, but at least we wouldn’t be the first.

3. LevelUp– Well, we brewed a chocolate stout for the holidays. And… made 8 different types of cookies to share with family and friends this year. I would like to consider myself an advanced-beginner in the art of cookie making. Of course we were drinking brews while baking. Who doesn’t?

4. PirateGoat– She patiently helped us bake cookies and enjoyed her humans staying home for a long weekend. Now, she can’t get her ass out of bed in the morning to go for a walk. Super bum.

5. SillyGoose– I hate pot lucks and I have finally sat down and curated a list about why I don’t like them. I think it’s reasonable. Also, I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The people and dogs listed above are some of my most favorited and appreciated in my life.


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