Will someone please explain to me the purpose of padded sports bras?

This weekend I was in the market for restocking my sports bra supply. I’ve been running in a sports bra that I’ve had since college. Truly, it’s a sad state of affairs.

To clean up my act, I decided to go to TJ-Max (and similar stores) to hit up their reduced-priced running gear. To my surprise, all the women’s active gear was on the first few racks when you walked into the store. Guess it’s that time of year…

So here I am with  2 full racks of bras thinking I had hit the jackpot… Except I only found 3 styles that did not include padding in them. What happened to the practicality of sports bras? Are all sports bras neon colored and equipped to hold padding?  My immediate reaction is that some womanizer came up with the design, or this is a new yoga trend… Seriously, how many women want to workout with extra padding? I’m still rolling my eyes.

I decided to crowd source my friends on this stupid trend via social media.Will someone please explain to me the purpose of padded sports bras?? Here’s what they said:

  •  …to make boobs look bigger and compress them to be smaller at the same time? Hmm. (first response, male)
  • To reduce how shall I say……….high beams? (female)
  • For protection if you run into something or fall on concrete? (female)
  • Sweat absorption? (female)

I guess I crawled out from under a rock… but to me this is a really unpractical fashion trend and I hope it goes away soon.


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