January Jam

In my recap of the first month of the new year, I can easily say that this month has been tiring. Not sure if I can blame it on the winter blues, stress, or just mental/physical exhaustion.  I’m pooped and here’s why:

1. Cletus – Dealing with my neuroticness isn’t an easy task and she’s dealt with it more than usual this month. She has listened to me complain (daily) about traffic, helped me organize our father’s 60th birthday party, supported me with my failed athletic excursions and laughed about my misophonia – related issues. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has a full plate of stress and I wish things would just get easier for her and her family.

2. DireMole – Has been forming new habits with me…reading in bed! Well, to be honest we only read when we can manage to stay awake past 9:15pm. Some nights we are both so tired we just go right to sleep. Dire is also the official ball-chucker at the dog park. When he can’t make it, because he’s teaching, I try to entertain the crazies. They all look at me like I’m pathetic after they run to the other end of the field, only to look back and see that the ball made it half way to the expected landing spot. The best days at the dog park is when Dire is there.

3. LevelUp – Dart Date Night has been a weekly occurring event for us. Our board has gotten more use and our wall has gotten more holes (due to me). Fitz has won every game so far and I don’t mind because it’s been fun. And we have learned that it annoys our creepy neighbor when I miss the board and hit the wall. WIN/WIN

4. PirateGoat – Is a super bum and appears to be the most tired creature in our house. Her new trick is to not get out of bed in the morning. Dire and I actually make the bed with her in it. I think she prefers it that way.

5. SillyGoose – I started half-marathon training this month. That means I get one less day to sleep in and more activities being calculated on my Jawbone. Also, I caved in and purchased my first pair of running tights. I kinda feel like a sell out because I look like all the other yuppies, but they are amazing on those cold winter days. Also, I have managed to mangle my feet on my “long runs”. Now I’m sporting a black nail and a blistered foot. It’s fairly uncomfortable and not well-deserved. Honestly, I struggle to stay motivated to run because it feels like I’m not improving. I’m moving but things aren’t operating at a point that I’m satisfied. Finally, I have realized this month that I’m compulsive… I have put a word on my “personal characteristics” list and I don’t fully know what it means (if its good or bad). I believe it’s something that I should work on…


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