For the sake of formalities, I go by Violent Violet when I feel ‘spicy’ and on more pleasant days I go by Silly Goose.  I’m not schizo, I just have amazing persona’s. You (as the reader)  need to understand (or at least be aware) that I enjoy entertaining myself with imaginary and warped scenarios of moronic situations.  Sometimes these fantasized situations become reality or I exaggerate them to  parallel a similar situation. In unique cases, my theories (if repeated) can become facts and therefore, I can conclude that I achieved nirvana of Special Snowflakes.

If you aren’t interested in my rants, please amuse yourself on Happy Place or watch this enjoyable music clip.

I tend to get along with most people…but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy them.  The point of this blog is for me to Bhakra_Main_Canalshare my experiences, adventures, and delusional theories that are mostly contained from other social media networks. It means that no one is safe from my rotten criticism. I must assure you that this blog is not intended to bash people… we all do stupid things including me at special  times.  For good intentions,  I hope this blog helps me to become a better writer, provides a creative outlet, entertains you (and me), and presents a channel for reflection (but not a virtual canal which is what I envision of when I say channel of reflection). Sounds pretty narcissistic…but I assure you, I’m down-to-earth.

So now that I have shared a little about myself, I would like to introduce the other characters that will be mentioned on this blog.

  • Cletus is a confidant and  ‘guest’ author for Champions of the Human Race (CoHR). However, due to the exclusiveness of CoHR, Cletus is not a Champion member.  It’s a sad state of affairs, since her home hosts team building exercises for pirate workshops. These festivities get messy… the last workshop resulted in the untimely death of 8 goldfish. RIP.
  • DireMole is a fellow weirdo, dart shooting master, and craft beer aficionado . Sometimes he is known as Fitzroy or Fitz. He is my better half and co-founder of CoHR. We even have shirts that he designed just to symbolize our affection for one another. I think that’s pretty amazing. He prefers to be known as DireWolf but he can’t be a wolf until he learns how to spell ‘Fitzroy’ correctly. Therefore, he’s a mole.
  • PirateGoat is our screwball-hound dog who enjoys self-medication binges and speaking the language of her people. When she isn’t BSO-ing (Battered Significant Other) she enjoys cleaning the community by disposing trash with her mouth. She does our part to save the entire planet on a daily basis. What have you done today? PirateGoat is also known as Jalapeno Rubes, Jala, Peno- in- the- Ass,  Rubes, Boobs, and Smiley Cyrus. If she were a Transformer, she would be known as Rubicon.

Lastly, I have included a page on this site called LevelUp. This is a place where I improve my skills and LevelUp in my awesome game-of-life. Sometimes I’m crafty, other times I’m practicing my culinary expertise, and then there are times where we recreate the Breaking Bad lab in our home in order to brew tasty beer…either way, I’ll share my cheats and hacks so you can LevelUp your XP in your own game-of-life.  It’s pretty much a DIY page.

Anyway, let’s see how this goes…I can’t make any promises, but I hope it’s entertaining. Yjesh?


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